Radio has tremendous potential ... we are using it in a big way ...
Q. Do you find Radio to be a powerful rising medium for advertising?

Ans: I think it has a tremendous potential. We are using it in a big way for our clients. I think it's doing very well. For the retailers I think it is a very good medium and also for bigger brands, advertising it is a good medium.

Q. In your opinion, what can be done to make radio advertising even more effective?

Ans: I think something should be done to increase the spread of the FM stations. Currently it is 80 kmsin all directions and if this spread could be increased it would be great and we shall be able to bring more clients in the fold. 

Q. And what about this campaign of ANU SAREES that you designed ... as it specially designed for the radio listeners?

Ans: Actually it was part of the bigger campaign. It was a very difficult task I was given because this brand was introduced just two months before the Durga Puja Festival last year and I had to establish the identity of the brand in a short notice. We used Print, Television and radio in a big way and I think we had been quite successful in getting the client's identity established. The radio definitely played a major role in it but I used other mediums too. The radio ad was extension of the overall strategy that we had designed.

Q. How do you rate your campaign success?

Ans: I think in two months time it was there in everyone's mind and the client has done remarkably well. Although I do not have the exact percentage of the market share was achieved but the feed back which we have received from the client is pretty encouraging. 

Q. As far as the clients are concerned, what is the response from the market as such?

The clients are very positive and the agencies have a major role to play because we can explain the advantage of the medium to them. Traditionally they were focused in the newspaper only but besides prints we can make them extend their strategy to radio. Besides clients are absolutely open to the idea of accepting radio as a medium of accepting radio as a medium of advertising and they are using it in a big way as far as our clients go.

Q. What are your future plans in term of using radio? Are there any innovative plans of using the medium?

Ans: We do a lot of promotion on radio. We have run contests on stations. We have innovative contests based on client's punch line. For example, a contest which we did for one of our client Biskfarm biscuits Their punch line was 'Pura Makkhan' and based on that we ran a contest where listeners were asked to give a life-time experience which was like 'Pura Makkhan' and the best entries were invited for dinner with the RJs.

Q. What percentage of share do you give to radio in terms of media planning and why so?

At this point of time it is about 10 to 15% of the total budget. But this also defers from client to client and product to product. I cannot have a fixed rule or fixed percentage.

Q. How do you think the retail advertising is going to benefit from radio.

See, today the print advertisement has become extremely expensive and there is a great degree of wastage too but in radio the wastage is minimum and almost insignificant. Today in many cases the radio is being taken as an alternative medium to newspaper and has provided relief to a lot of retail advertisers.