Radio...Common Peoples' Medium...Is It ?

Post the launch of Pvt. FM stations in Kolkata people from all strata of society have taken up listening to radio. The results from recent listenership survey by TNS Mode proclaim so. Radio, the proverbial "common people medium" is seemingly shifting base. However still a large number proportion of listeners belong to lower SECs the number of listeners in upper SECs is slowly increasing. 

The listenership pattern throughout the day is similar with two prominent peaks during 8am to 10am (day time) and 8pm to 10pm (night time). The morning time peak arrives at the same time among all SECs whereas among the Upper SECs night time peak arrives later. Upper SECs also have lower listenership early in the morning. 

There is a gradual decline in the listenership after 10am in the morning which is lowest during 2pm to 6pm in the afternoon before picking up again 6pm onwards.